Preschool Program

CDS’s developmental preschool is a NAEYC accredited program that provides high quality educational services for children with and without identified special needs ages three through five years. This inclusionary program educates children with delays and/or disabilities within the regular education environment. The CDS Preschool Program offers a positive and healthy learning environment which promotes a child’s self-esteem and socialization skills. CDS believes in a play based learning environment where children learn through play and exploration of their environment.

Preschool Classes are offered Monday through Thursday with children having the opportunity to attend either the morning or afternoon session. Preschool classes are generally offered according to a traditional school calendar year. Preschool services are provided at no cost to families for children with special needs and are provided for a monthly fee to families with children without special needs. All preschool classrooms are instructed by an Early Childhood Educator or Early Childhood Special Educator who has a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or related field and is certified by the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board. The Assistant Teachers in the classrooms have a minimum of a Child Development Associate Certification (CDA) or equivalent or are working towards a CDA Certification.

The Preschool Program implements a framework for the curriculum which is developmentally appropriate, research-based, and focuses on the whole child. The plan for curriculum considers and addresses all areas of development which includes the following areas: Social-Emotional; Physical; Language; Cognitive; Literacy; Mathematics; Science and Technology, Social Studies, and The Arts. Daily Lessons are organized and planned by a teaching team that focus on “key experiences” that help young children to develop the skills they will need to be successful in Kindergarten.

Children are assessed in the fall and spring of the preschool year to determine the progress a child has made in specific areas of development. Parent Teacher Conferences are held twice a year to allow both the parents and the teaching team to review a child’s progress and work together to meet the child’s academic and social needs.