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Child Development Services receives funding from the Wyoming Developmental Disabilities Division, federally funded Part C and VI-B Projects and from Fremont County.  An important source of funds also comes through contributions from community organizations and individuals.

No fee is charged for Special Ed or related services provided by Child Development Services.


Early Childhood

Window of Opportunity for Young Children and Families

When you think of your child and how he or she is growing, you notice things like how soon he or she smiles, rolls over, sits up, walks, talks, and feeds himself/herself.

The five primary developmental areas are:

  • Language Development - how a child understands language and speaks to express thoughs, ideas and needs.
  • Motor Development - how a child uses large and small muscles.
  • Self-Help Skills - how a child eats, dresses and cares for oneself.
  • Social & Emotional Development - how a child relates to other children and adults.
  • Cognitive Development - how a child thinks and learns.

While children grow and change at their own rate, some children can experience delays in development.  Sometimes this can be cause for concern.


CDS Riverton Locations

1202 E Jackson Avenue
1205 E Lincoln Avenue


CDS Lander Location

100 Pushroot Court