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Developmental Screening

"One Before Two"

Ideally your child needs one developmental screening before the age of two, and certainly one before the age of five is essential.

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Many parents wait until their children enter school to have them screened. That’s too late. By then, a lot of learning may have already been missed. Your local Child Development Services Center offers free screenings. It’s a quick check-up to make sure your child is on track. Most children are, but if they’re not, CDS will help develop a plan to get your child where he or she needs to be. It’s free. It’s fun, and it could improve your child’s life forever.

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LANDER  332-5508
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DUBOIS  332-5508
SHOSHONI  856-4337

This is a public service offered at no cost to the parent. Sponsored by your local school district.



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