Associate Degree from an accredited program licensed by the State of Wyoming, Board of Occupational Therapy 

Successful experience as an Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant. Good organizational and public relations skills. Willingness and ability to travel.

Identified supervisor(s) and under the general supervision of the Executive Director.


Maintains confidentiality with all aspects of our program, including personnel issues, clients and client files.

Provides occupational therapy services, under the supervision of an occupational therapist, to children birth to five years old that demonstrate a developmental delay, injury or disabling situation.

Work with other staff to implement county child find procedures.

Assist in development of treatment activities and treatment implementation.

Provides staff/family training and education.

Develop and maintain therapy schedule with individual student/groups of students.

Collaborate with the Occupational Therapist in treatment planning; collaborate with the OT and team members in the development and revision of IEP/IFSP goals and objectives.

Participate in IEP/IFSP meetings.

Monitor and report student problems, performance and progress to supervising OT

Assist in providing information and training to school staff, parents, caregivers and non-school agencies to facilitate the education of children with disabilities as related to occupational therapy.

Provide accurate documentation of therapy sessions/results.

Will travel as required to meet scheduled assignments.

Participate in staff meetings regarding program operations and attend required meetings.

Comply with the Occupational Therapy Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Maintain and increase professional growth through attendance at various workshops and in-services relating to profession, as well as keeping abreast of new literature in the field.

Maintain regular and continuous liaison with the Executive Director to keep him/her informed of significant events in the program, staffing’s and personnel, community and family issues.

Be responsible for maintaining the general cleanliness and upkeep of the physical facility and equipment and notify the Executive Director of the need for additional attention to repairs or maintenance.

Adhere to the established policies, procedures and regulations of the facility.

Be an advocate for children and families.

Other duties as assigned by supervisor and Executive Director.


Negotiable by Child Development Services Board of Directors.


As per Child Development Services policies and procedures.

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