Speech and Language Pathologist

  • Degree or Special Certificate Required
  • Riverton, WY

This position is for the 2020-2021 school year


Speech and Language Pathoogist

Licensed/Certified Speech Language Pathologist in the State of Wyoming


Successful experience as a Speech and Language Pathologist. Willingness and ability to travel. Good public relations.

Identified supervisor(s) and under the general supervision of the Executive Director.


Maintains confidentiality with all aspects of our program, including personnel issues, clients and client files.

Work with other staff to implement county child find activities.

Work as part of a team to evaluate speech and language deficiencies, using appropriate diagnostic techniques, includes submitting a written report summarizing the results of the evaluation within the guidelines of IDEA.

Interpret speech and language evaluations results to staff and parents.

Assist team in developing and implementing Individualized Educational Programs (IEP)/

Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSP), including specific materials and teaching methods within the guidelines of IDEA.

Prepare for meetings by entering proper documentation on special education forms

Conduct MDT/IEP/IFSP meetings as assigned.

Provide speech correction and language development activities to individual students or groups of students as prescribed in each student’s IEP or IFSP.

Adopt/adapt a data collection system for the highest priority objectives for each child

Develop and maintain therapy schedules with individual students.

Maintain and ensure each child’s monthly therapy notes are completed.

Provide other staff members with ongoing information regarding each child’s current status on IEP/IFSP modifications.

Coordinate services with other agencies involved in the child’s program, such as PHN, DFS, local school districts, etc. as assigned.

Provide in-service to other staff on teaching/therapy approaches.

Participate in child study meetings.

Will participate in staff meetings regarding program operation.

Will supervise Speech/Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA)

  • Will meet with SLPA who conduct individual/small group activities to teach specific skills no less than once a month to discuss specific techniques and program modifications
  • Will provide aides with written instructions when they are teaching specific skills

Evaluate all staff you are assigned supervision of on an annual basis, in line with the policy and procedures set forth by the Board of Directors.

Will complete a written report on a child following an accident.

Comply with state and federal regulations as prescribed in PL 94-142, Part B and Part C Rules and Regulation and Department of Family Services (DFS) Rules and Regulations.

Will attend required meetings, trainings and conferences.

Maintain and increase professional growth through attendance at various workshops and in-services relating to profession, as well as keeping abreast of new literature in the field.

Must maintain State of Wyoming Board of Examiners of Speech Pathology and Audiology license.

Will maintain a valid driver’s license.

Able to travel/drive to required scheduled assignments.

Provide all necessary information to file Medicaid/Kid Care (Title XIX).

Maintain regular and continuous liaison with the Executive Director to keep them informed of significant events in the program, staffing’s and personnel, community and family issues.

Be responsible for maintaining the general cleanliness and upkeep of the physical facility and equipment and notify the Executive Director of the need for additional attention to repairs or maintenance.

Adhere to the established policies, procedures and regulations of the facility.

Be an advocate for children and families.

Other duties as assigned by supervisor and Executive Director.


Negotiable by Child Development Services Board of Directors.


As per Child Development Services policies and procedures.



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Speech/Language Pathologist Application

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