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CDS Transportation Policies

Transportation is available for children who currently have it written into their Individualized Education Program (IEP). This is determined at their IEP meeting based on individual needs.

Transportation will be provided to regular preschools if there is availability. However, qualifying students have first precedent.

CDS requires parents or guardians to identify who is authorized to receive their child. For safety reasons, CDS will not release children to individuals who have not been listed on the child record form by parents or guardians. Parents must notify CDS if a new individual will be receiving their child off the bus or at the center. Parents/guardians must change/add individuals authorized to receive a child on the record form in person. We will not do this over the phone or text.

It is very important that parents/guardians either call CDS or send a message through the Brightwheel app if your child does not need transportation (sick, vacation, schedule change, etc.) or if there is a change in location. Parents need to notify CDS according to the following schedule.

Morning preschool call/message prior to 7:15 for pick-up and 10:30 for drop off.

Afternoon preschool call/message prior to 10:30 for pick-up and 2:30 for drop off.

CDS will adhere strictly to these times noted.

CDS will not allow changes to pick-up and drop off locations if it is after the designated time above. You can call the centers even the night prior and leave a message on the CDS voice mail of the change, or send a message through the Brightwheel app. Phone numbers are:

Riverton 856-4337 ext. 18

Lander 332- 5508 ext. 13

Upon arrival of the pick-up and drop off locations, CDS will “only” wait two minutes and honk three times to notify that the bus has arrived. After two minutes, the bus will travel to the next destination. We will only attempt to pick up each child one time.

If transportation needs change, Parents/guardians need to fill out a new transportation form ASAP.

IMPORTANT: If an authorized person is not at the drop off location when we attempt to drop off a child, then the child will be brought back to the CDS Center where someone who is authorized may pick them up. CDS will follow the following Wyoming Department of Family Services guidelines for children who are not picked up in a timely manner. 


Our buses try to run consistent routes and should arrive within 15 minutes of the arranged time

Our buses are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each trip. Masks are offered to children, but they are not mandatory. Verbal and written screening questions are asked when children enter the bus to identify any potential issues

We care deeply about our CDS families and make every effort to consistently provide safe transport for our children to and from your home. However there may be occasions when this is not possible. COVD symptoms or exposure, bad weather, and CDS employees unavailable to work are some of the reasons why transport may not be available certain days

All CDS buses and vans are equipped with child safety seats or integrated safety seats built in. These are checked regularly by our staff and inspected annually for compliance with all safety standards

In the event your child will be absent, or you would like CDS to drop them off somewhere other then your home, please let us know as soon as possible. We run multiple bus routes, so as much notice as possible is needed to make changes:

Lander Center – call 307-332-5508

Riverton Center call 307-856-4337 Ext 12

Parents can also use the Brightwheel app to leave messages for our staff

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