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Here you’ll find many resources our staff have assembled that we feel would be beneficial to parents



CDC Child Development Guidlines

In January 2022 the CDC released updates guidelines for the developmental milestones for children. This is a great resource to see how your child should be developing in many key areas. Click here to view and download the PDF!


At CDS we use Brighwheel as our all in one system for capturing class attendance, messaging, payments, and various other functions. Once parents have signed up for a free Brightwheel account and downloaded the app to their Android or Apple device, they are able to see live updates on what their child is doing throughout the day! Teachers can share images, videos and events that are happening and you’ll see them in real time. Parents can also use this as a secure messaging service to contact our staff with any questions or concerns about their children. Using Brightwheel allows us to bring the parents in to our daily activities. Visit for more information. 

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