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Donations & Grants


 The Fleak Family

Lightner Sams Foundation of Wyoming

Janet Millard
Jeremy & Courtney Hill
Maureen Donohoue
Eric & Sandy Martinez

John P. Shade, Financial Advisth Edward Jones, Lander

CDS is grateful for these donors who are investing in the future of Fremont Count

Isabelle Hoenes Sponsorship Fund


$2,000 Preschool Tuition for a year

$1,500 Provides a year of classroom supplies for 1 center

$1,000 Provides professional development for 2 staff members in a specialty area

$500 Provides classroom support for one week or Transportation for the year for 1 student

$225 Preschool Tuition for a month (half-day classroom) for 1 child

$100 Provides the food for all children at CDS for 1 day

$50 Transportation for a month for 1 child

$25 Five Children get 1 book each

Purple Parade April 6, 2024, 5K Walk Run

Sponsorship Levels

$1,000 Purple Star: largest size logo on event t-shirts, recognized as Purple Star donor, thank you ad.

$750 Red Star: second largest logo on event t-shirts, recognized as Red Star donor, thank you ad.

$500 Blue Star: your name will be on event t-shirts, recognized as Blue Star donor, thank you ad.

$250 Green Star: your name in smaller letters, recognized as a Green Star donor, thank you ad.

$100 Orange Star: recognized as a Orange Star donor, thank you ad.

$50 Child Spotlight: yard sign with your child’s picture along the parade route.

Donate to CDS Today!!

CDS is a non-profit organization that links parents and families with Developmental Preschool Programs throughout the state that provide therapeutic and educational services to preschool children with developmental delays. CDS  provides free developmental screenings across Fremont County.  Our Mission is to provide early childhood education and intervention services for families with infants and preschool children with developmental disabilities and delays.

Interested in helping in other ways? Please consider participating in one of our Fundraisers!

Please contact CDS after making a donation so we can properly recognize you as a sponsor. 307-332-5508